Yoga teacher on natural rubber PU top the best yoga mat
Yoga teacher on the best alignment yoga mat natural rubber PU top by ZENAGOY

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More yoga. Less waste.

Have you ever thought that the foundation of your yoga practice - your yoga mat - can contribute to the well-being of this World? 

Choosing natural rubber yoga mats over PVC (plastic) yoga mats helps to reduce global plastic pollution. Natural rubber yoga mats are Environmentally friendly, perform longer and can support even the most intensive yoga practices.

Whether you are beginner or advanced yogi who is looking for the yoga mat which reflects your Mindful Lifestyle - we are confident that ZENAGOY Yoga mat will be your next favorite yoga mat!

Not many people know that our posture is the foundation for every movement that our body makes

Reminding of a slope (due to the incline) and having a prolonged tip that looks like a triangle, the OMigo meditation pillow / floor cushion is designed to support the lower part of the back by making you naturally sit in a healthy posture.