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A Healthy Yoga Practice Starts with a Healthy Yoga Mat

May 05, 2018 3 min read

A Healthy Yoga Practice Starts with a Healthy Yoga Mat

If you want your yoga practice to be filled with peace and love, start by being thoughtful about your choice of yoga mat.

When you look down at your yoga mat and take a deep inhalation, you want to focus on everything that is good in your life. Express gratitude to yourself for the love that you are expressing just by taking the time to practice yoga and take care of yourself; remember all that you have to be grateful for in the world, from life itself to the smallest luxuries that you may take for granted now and then. There is so much that we can be happy about that it can be difficult to keep up with it all. This, of course, is one of the amazing powers of yoga: it creates an opportunity for us to recognize and embrace the positive.

As you are embracing the positive, you want to be sure that your yoga mat is conducive to a positive, healthy, and aware mindset. At ZENAGOY, we offer nothing but the finest yoga mats for this very purpose. Crafted especially for ashtanga, vinyasana, and hot yoga, there is a microfiber layer on top of the rubber layer, giving you the comfort and traction necessary to get into poses and then stay in them. These are yoga mats that you can count on for all your practices, yes, but perhaps most important, of all, they are yoga mats that you can use with a clear mind. Using only natural rubber, our yoga mats are environmentally friendly and guilt-free.

Just imagine for a moment a yoga mat made out of alligator skin or something equally horrific. Not very enticing, is it? Just try to do yoga and focus on gratitude and love while you are trying to wrestle with the fact that your yoga mat has been sourced in a way far from ethical! With our yoga mats, you will never have that problem. Because rubber is created from the juice of a tree (and dissolves chemical-free in nature unlike PVC) and because our microfiber is made from recycled plastic, you can use our yoga mats confident in the knowledge that you are not harming the environment in any way. This is very important as you practice yoga and meditation, because one of the keys to a successful practice is honesty with yourself.

Take a look at yourself when you have a moment and try to think of an answer to this question: What do you want from your practice? Whatever your answer is – growth, introspection, health, healing, enlightenment, self-love, strength, calm – you need to start first by picking the right yoga mat. Put a little thought into your choice in this area! We at ZENAGOY are proud to provide you with a yoga mat that you can be happy to roll out at every practice and that you can look down at, smile, and know to be just what you need for the moment.

If you think it is time for you to get a new mat or to choose your first mat, check out our GO Spirit Collection. Rest assured that you can enjoy your practice in the knowledge that you have contributed to the well-being of this planet!


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