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Welcome to the colorful World of ZENAGOY

March 14, 2018

Welcome to the colorful World of ZENAGOY

Have you ever had an idea so dear to your heart, that you just knew you had to bring it into reality?

After months of envisioning and planning, exciting weeks of transforming, and golden hours of fine tuning, ZENAGOY has finally come to life! Today is the day when something that was just an idea over a cup of tea has materialised into a beautiful, ambitious vision! Welcome to ZENAGOY.

Our mission is simple, but far from easy!: we are here to guide you along your spiritual journey and help you as you work toward self-development and self-discovery. We hope to accomplish this goal by providing you with products, opportunities and knowledge that will inspire and motivate you on your spiritual journey. By taking care of yourself, both mind and body, you can also improve the lives of others. How? The answer is simple: by purchasing one of our products you will be contributing towards ZENAGOY charity projects. We are all about caring, helping, sharing.

At ZENAGOY, we want to see things in a fresh and unique way, hence our logo, which combines “zen” with the word “yoga” written backwards. We want to share that fresh, ZENAGOY perspective with you through products, information and inspiration. In the ZENAGOY “Comfort Zone” area, you will find blog posts on a wide variety of topics, such as information on our rubber yoga mats, the effects of a regular yoga practice, and the power of meditation. 

ZENAGOY is greatly inspired by Humans of New York, which provides personal, first-hand stories from individuals in the vibrant city of New York as well as areas around the world. This website inspired us to write about people whose lives have improved because of their spiritual practices. Yoga, meditation, mindfulness; these are all the lights we want to shine into every corner of the world. To inspire and to motivate, those are our goals.

Though still relatively new, the ZENAGOY family is already large and rich. We are supported by people who live a mindful life filled with yoga and meditation and who recognize the value in what we are doing. We love them deeply and are very grateful that they help us spread the philosophy of our vision! 

We are starting our journey in this world with our first GO Spirit collection: natural rubber yoga mats which provide a wonderful, eco-friendly alternative to plastic yoga mats. We have only just begun, but please stay tuned!- we plan to expand our collection of eco-friendly products in a short while because we are eager to accompany you on your yoga and meditation journey. 

If you want your yoga practice to be filled with peace and love, start by being thoughtful about your choice of yoga mat.

 Photo credit: Mario Martinez

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