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I was born to look at the world from upside down

Yogini practicing handstand in park on the best blue mandala yoga mat

Behind every brand there are people working in the background making it meaningful, a little different and special

If you have checked out our webshop or visited our Instagram page, then you probably noticed that there is one girl who appears on our Mandala yoga mats: that is Daisy! Daisy is a Dutch girl who is a model for ZENAGOY MiFlow Mandala collection. She loves making shapes with her body; she likes looking at the world ‘from upside-down’ and believe it or not – she started discovering the beauty of yoga not that long ago.

Q: Daisy, admirable handstands, incredible flexibility, great balance? Where is all this coming from?

A: I started doing gymnastics for fun when I was 8 years old, and when I turned 12 y.o. I switched to acrobatic gymnastics. I was attending different competitions and therefore I had to work hard to prepare for them. I was working out 5 days per week, pushing myself to the limits and discovering my possibilities. A few years back I decided to stop with acrobatic gymnastics, and I moved into teaching young girls everything that I had learned myself over the years.

Q: How did yoga step into your Life?

A:I like the physical part of gymnastics very much, so I did not want to let go of this; however, I wanted to find something which would stimulate a mental balance in the practice as well. This is how I discovered Yoga!

I went to my first yoga class and liked the idea of relaxing in the pose, trusting the process of flow instead of pushing to my limits. Though yoga can be very hard physically, I relax mentally.

Q: Do you think Yoga could become your Lifestyle?

A:I think so! I am still discovering yoga and the benefits of yoga that come with it. For example, I learned from you about eco-friendly yoga mats and how important they are not only for my Yoga practice but for the environment as well.

In the end, it is not what we do on the yoga mat that counts the most, it is what we bring to the World when we step off it. And all this is a part of living Yoga as a Lifestyle.

Q: Daisy, I know that you are very selective when it comes to working with brands. However when we met for the first time, and we asked whether you would be interested in being the model for the MiFlow mandala collection, without any hesitation you said YES. What were the driving points about the ZENAGOY brand that made you say YES?

dutch yogini on eco friendly blue mandala yoga mat
A: I think it’s very important that people are passionate about what they create. Not only caring about promoting a product, but also having a deep meaning attached to everything they do, sharing with the World what they care about and inviting people to be part of it. Ben and his girlfriend are the kindest and most honest people I’ve met in a long time. You know the kind of people you’ve seen only once, but every time you cross paths it feels like you have known them for years? Those kinds of people!

ZENAGOY cares so much about people, the environment and the future

ZENAGOY decided to be an environmentally friendly brand, and I like that commitment a lot. ZENAGOY will be donating part of their profits to a charity dedicated to helping kids to learn about yoga and meditation at an early age. What more can I wish for than to be a small part of this mission?!


Q: Thank you, Daisy, what you said was so beautiful! May I ask what is your favourite picture from the photo session?

A: I like all of the pictures, but in particular I like the pictures that were taken on the beach, with the sunrise at the colourful poles of Scheveningen Pier! When I look at those pictures, I can see how well they go with ZENAGOY’s idea of inviting people to colour their Lives by practicing yoga. As I mentioned earlier, yoga poses can be hard physically, but mentally relaxing and the picture from the blog ‘Welcome to the colourful world of ZENAGOY’ perfectly reflects how I feel when I practice yoga.

Q: You and your boyfriend decided to quit your jobs and travel throughout Asia for 6 months? Are you planning on deepening your knowledge in yoga and meditation there?

A: Yes, it is on my to-do list! It is not the main goal of our journey, but it’ll be part of it. Our plan is to go to Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia. I definitely want to do a yoga retreat in India. To relax, learn more about yoga philosophy and to deepen my practice. Maybe I will attend one more yoga retreat in Indonesia as well, we will see. I’m absolutely looking forward to practising every day at the most beautiful locations and to taking different kind of classes from different teachers! But practice for me is not only doing yoga. It’s a combination of everything I like to do. I love my journey so far, and I’m looking forward to continuing my journey through Asia!

Q: If life granted you two wishes that can come true – one for yourself and the second for the world – what would they be?

A:  Recently I read a quote which said:

‘Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed’


This is the quote I vouch for! If I had an opportunity to place a wish for the world, I would eliminate the greed. We are facing so many problems on the global level just because people want to have more, want to own more, want to gain more instead of giving, providing, contributing, sharing. I love the idea of ZENAGOY wanting to contribute toward raising a generation of mindful people;

We all have to look at ourselves and evaluate how our daily actions contribute to the well-being of this world. Eliminating greed would make a big difference for us and for the planet

The wish for myself I would extend to a wish for my family so that they would be healthy, happy and their lives would be filled with love and kindness.
hand stand practice on the best purple yoga mat

 Photos credit: Mario Martinez



Gita Mike

Gita Mike

Gita Mike is a long time meditator and yoga practitioner who believes there is a spiritual solution to any challenge that we are faced with. She wants to share her experience and knowledge to help others find their path towards mindfulness, peace, and fulfillment.

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