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Yoga flow on Mandala yoga mat

Madli first met yoga 6 years ago and fell in love with it immediately. She couldn’t practise yoga daily until 4 years ago and now she cannot imagine her Life without her Yoga mat. 

Yogini from Tallinn, capital of Estonia, is finishing 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training already this month in Infra Yoga school, which is one of the few ones in Estonia that offer Yoga teacher trainings under Yoga Alliance. 

Most of Madli's passions are connected through art - writing, painting/drawing, creating semi-precious stone bracelets and photography, which you can see on not only her personal Instagram account, but also on @matufoto. Besides art she also loves reading, cooking, camping/hiking, exploring and traveling.

Madli is a member of #zenagoyfamily and the first Estonian yogini in her home country to practice on Zenagoy Mandala yoga mat

Q: Madli, what is your favourite yoga quote?:

Tallinn yoga teacher on Zenagoy Mandala yoga mat

A: I don’t have a favourite yoga quote because all the quotes in my heart go for life and yoga at the same time. To me life is yoga and yoga is living therefore I don’t put labels on them, they are all the same for me. I do want to share my favourite quote from Johann Gottlieb Fichte book “The Vocation of Man”: “I am first as a thinker what in virtue of this thinking I subsequently am as an agent. I make myself: my being through my thinking, my thinking simply through thinking.

Yoga, it changes your thinking which will immediately change you and your life. It is a circle, everything connected.

Q: What was the funniest situation that happened to you in your yoga class:

A: Since I have been practising yoga most of the time alone or with my friends I can remember one instance. We were practicing meditation with my fellow yoga school girls - there were 15 of us with the teacher and it was already late -  like 10pm. We were really tired yet in a really giggly mood. Our meditation was completely ruined because I had a super wave of giggling coming over the silence (like a little kid playing a silence game who can’t stop laughing).

It ended up with me running laughing out of the room with 3 other girls sitting next to me and finally the teacher stopped the meditation because no one could focus. Only giggle was there and it was indescribably funny!

Q: Who is inspiring you in this Life and why?:

A: My heart.. I guess my heart inspires me the most. It’s not my ego talking.

Through time I have been the only constant inspiration for myself

Looking back and to see what I have been, what I could be and what I am, it makes me move and create, survive and gives meaning to Life. I have had a few yogini idols before, but I learned quickly it is not good to get attached to someone's image. They change and can change into something you don’t approve of at all. It is painful to let go if you absolutely start loving them for that one period of their life.

The everyday inspirations are as usual - my loving partner, music, sunny days and people who are open about their feelings and real life.

Tallinn yoga teacher on Mandala yoga mat

Q: When you feel sad, how do you cheer yourself up?: 

A: Sad is the feeling I lived together 10 years of my young life. I have so many ways to handle myself that I could write a whole book. Today I don’t cheer myself up when I feel sad. From the 10 years I learned that most of the time it is not healthy to kind of force yourself to feel happy or see it as a goal, something you have to feel.

I just cope with the feeling until it passes itself.

MOST IMPORTANT is that I won’t stop living, won’t cancel my plans etc. I hug my sad feelings with blankets, hot tea, chocolate and movies or TV series. I sometimes also dance or sing songs/mantras. I hug longer with my partner and I definitely share my feelings and thoughts with him. Depending on the sadness I also do yoga, it happens it is a really good tool to absorb good energy into your system.

By the way, yoga came into my life because of my sad and it was the first thing ever to take my sad away with good outcomes.

Q: Describe yourself in 4 words starting with the letters Y.O.G.A:

Youngish (not young, because I have felt older in my heart since the beginning of time)





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Courtesy of pictures: Yogini Madli Allikas 

Gita Mike

Gita Mike

Gita Mike is a long time meditator and yoga practitioner who believes there is a spiritual solution to any challenge that we are faced with. She wants to share her experience and knowledge to help others find their path towards mindfulness, peace, and fulfillment.