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My yoga mat is my safe place!

Hatha yoga teacher Lina practicing yoga on the rock

It took some time for yoga to find it’s way into Lina’s heart. After her first yoga class, which she absolutely hated, Lina decided to take some time and try out different types of yoga styles. It happened to be a life changing decision!

The Lithuanian girl, who is now residing in Barcelona, Spain, is a yoga teacher, and there is not a single day that passes by without her making at least one person smile!

Q: Lina, when and how did you encounter yoga and what does it mean to you?

A:  The first time I tried yoga was in the year 2000 in New York City, USA. I was taken to a hot yoga studio and I absolutely hated it! There were way too many people, not enough space to move around and not enough air to breathe. Surely I thought there must be other yoga studios around that would suit me and I was right. It was vinyasa yoga that caught my attention and since then my yoga mat became my safe place.

Yoga is a lifestyle, I can’t imagine myself leading my life somehow different than what it is now

It’s kind of difficult to put what yoga means to me into words because it’s more of a feeling. I feel a sense of purpose when I teach, it brings me serenity and peace in my everyday life and I’m able to spread that joy to the people around me.

Q: Why do you devote your Life to this practice?

A: Simply, because it allows me to connect with my true nature – joyfulness. Being joyful and spreading that joy to others is my purpose. If I can make one person smile today, I can feel that I’ve done something better for this world.

It’s not just about the physical practice that we do on yoga mat, it’s also about what kind of person you become when you step down from your mat

Yoga teacher in yoga studio standing on blue mandala yoga mat
Q: What was your biggest challenge so far on this spiritual path?

A: Accepting that not everybody wants to be helped. Letting people learn by themselves, even if it means suffering. This is my own journey, my own path, and as much as I’d like to scream to the world that yoga and mindfulness can save the world, not everybody is meant to understand that.

Everybody chooses their own path 

Q: Why did you decide to start teaching yoga?

A: I was slightly getting tired of my previous job, being dependent on other people. Yoga was already a huge part of my life, and I saw how much this was helping me spiritually so I thought that teaching yoga could be a very fresh and wonderful path. I always felt confident in front of the people, wellness and mindfulness is my passion so I didn’t see any obstacles why I shouldn’t get my certification and start teaching straight away!  


Q: How are your students inspiring you?

A: They inspire me everyday! I learn so much by teaching yoga. Every person is so different therefore everybody has different concerns, worries, they are all from different walks of life and that’s beautiful. Yoga creates a sense of community; we all crave that connection with each other which allows us all to stand up to our fears and anxieties together. It gives me so much strength to do what I do!

Q: What are the top qualities someone should look for in a yoga teacher and/or when selecting a yoga studio?

A: I always love a friendly, smiley face at the studio, someone that makes you feel welcomed and safe. For me it’s important that teacher’s yoga practice doesn’t stop at it being only a physical practice.

Yoga is a philosophy that looks at a human and everything in the universe as a whole. As much as we need to nurture our bodies, we can’t neglect the growth of our spirit and mind 

Q: What do you like the most about being ZENAGOY Ambassador?

A: I love that it’s a team of wonderful and caring people who are passionate about making the world a happier place. Their love towards people and the environment is reflected on the products that they sell, they do it with so much attention and focus! I love supporting a brand whose values align with my own.


Q: According to you, can spiritual practices like yoga and meditation contribute to the Future of this World?

A: It is contributing already! People who are doing any spiritual practice are only increasing the good vibrations around us – everything is energy so we need more of it!

To live in harmony with the world, with the people around us we need to be in harmony with ourselves first, that’s the way to start

We need to cultivate compassion and focus more on the things that matter, the things that unite us, not divide us. We are all born as spiritual beings but we need to find that contentment deep within us in order to share the love and joy with the world.

Q: If you could get on a plane tomorrow and go anywhere, where would you go and why?

A: I’d go back to India, Goa, I think I left a little peace of my heart there.


Landing Photo credit: Lente Michels

Hatha yoga teacher practicing yoga on blue yoga mat
Gita Mike

Gita Mike

Gita Mike is a long time meditator and yoga practitioner who believes there is a spiritual solution to any challenge that we are faced with. She wants to share her experience and knowledge to help others find their path towards mindfulness, peace, and fulfillment.

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