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Adding more creativity into your life

When you hear the word creativity, or when you think about creative people, you most likely think about artists, musicians, dancers, and writers. A specific person might pop into your mind as well; whenever a conversation about creativity starts.

'oh, my sister is a great painter!' or 'my co-worker quit his job and started a band!'

We don't think about our accountant or our postman as creative people, because, well... here they are, crunching numbers or delivering mail instead of studying van Gogh and painting. 

Here's the thing - we're all natural-born creators

You've never seen a child sit at a desk, all serious and stiff, not showing a sign of emotion. No! If they were sitting at a desk, they would be singing to themselves, moving their legs, drawing, smiling, studying the desk, and doing so much more.

There's curiosity, and there's restlessness, and there's aliveness.

Creativity is a part of life; it's not a profession

Elizabeth Gillbert Big Magic

Elizabeth Gillbert writes in her book 'Big Magic:'

"Are you considering becoming a creative person? Too late, you already are one. To even call somebody 'a creative person' is almost laughably redundant; creativity is the hallmark of our species. If you're alive, you're a creative person."

Curious and passionate children grow up to be serious and stiff adults. That's not the way it should be! Losing our connections to creative and passionate living is not normal, though we might think it is.

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How to add more creativity into your life

We haven't lost the ability to be creative, we've simply forgotten to connect to that which is natural to us. Whether you're a banker, accountant, secretary, dancer, personal trainer, lawyer, mechanic, teacher, therapist, or a CEO - here are a few ways to spark creative living.


I believe that one of the main things that make up creativity, and one of the biggest things we've lost as adults, is curiosity. Children are incredibly expressive in their creativity because they're curious: they're curious about life, about the world, about that dog, that train, or even the snow. They continually ask questions; they always want to understand things - even the things that to us seem so 'regular.'

'Why is the sky blue, mom?'

'Well, it just is. Don't ask silly questions.'

Hmm... but is that really so silly?

Picture of the owl for the blog post about curiosity by Zenagoy

Have you ever sat outside and simply stared at the sky, wondering: 'wow... the sky is blue... What if it was green, or orange, or pink? And we thought of it as normal? What if it changed colors?'

Curiosity, curiosity, curiosity! See where you can bring more curiosity into your work and your life.

Can you get curious about the tasks at hand, the projects that need completion, and the next sales meetings? How can you ask more questions?

How can you begin to wonder: why are things the way they are, and what if they were different? What if we took a different approach?

More importantly, see how curiosity can play into your home life and your relationships. Get curious about your partner or your family members! The reason that new lovers are so 'in love' is because they're incredibly fascinated by each other and curious about one another! Add that sense of wonder and fascination into your relationships and get curious about anything and everything - just like children!


We need to lighten up and stop taking things so seriously! I'm sure that your job is incredibly important and you're doing serious work, but it doesn't mean that you have to do it with a stone-hard face and 100% stress and 0% play. 

We humans have an incredible skill to make a problem out of anything, and rather than looking at our work tasks as mini-creative projects, we look at it as a burden and weight.

I can promise you that if you allow yourself to experience more ease and play, you're going to be much more productive at work! With play and curiosity comes incredible creative solutions, whether you're making a sales pitch or working at the register in your local store.

Note: ease and playfulness are contagious. Add more play into your work, and others will feel drawn to do the same because this is natural to us!
Little kid looking through the binoculars

Curiosity + Play = Creativity

It's time we connect back to our creativity and invite more curiosity and play into our lives. No matter who we are and what we do for work, we are creators, and we're creative!

Let's look at the most connected creators in life - children - and try to learn from them! There truly is nothing that we can lose by getting a little more curious and a little more playful.


As Angela Schwindt has said: "While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about."


Life coach and Founder of As you think - Gabie
Gita Mike

Gita Mike

Gita Mike is a long time meditator and yoga practitioner who believes there is a spiritual solution to any challenge that we are faced with. She wants to share her experience and knowledge to help others find their path towards mindfulness, peace, and fulfillment.