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Yogis of ZENAGOY celebrate Earth Day

Have you ever thought that your yoga mat is much more than just “a little carpet” which you roll out when you are ready to stretch, do a plank, or dive deep into your yoga practice?

Have you ever wondered whether your yoga mat could contribute to the well-being of the planet Earth?

Today the World will be celebrating International Earth day for the 50th time. Along with others, we also celebrate Earth day, but the difference is that the Zenagoy family and Yogis of Zenagoy celebrate Earth Day

Every Single Day!


Athens yoga teacher on Zenagoy PUrfect yoga mat celebrating Earth Day
Since the beginning of Zenagoy’s journey we were blessed with the opportunities to meet and chat with amazing people who have discovered yoga. Yoga entered their lives in the most original ways. Through our chats we came to realise that every single person who is practicing yoga can be placed in one of 3 categories:


1. Yoga practitioners who do not care neither about the environment nor about the consequences of the choices they make;

2. Yoga practitioners who are slowly making a friendship with Mindfulness and moving towards the Yogic/Mindful lifestyle;

3. Yogis who are aware (and care) what impact they have on the Environment and those around them with their Lifestyle and the decisions they make.

Even you, dear reader – regardless whether you practice yoga or not, whether you have some interest in Mindfulness and the Environment or not - I dare to say that you too fall in one of those three categories. You either care about the planet Earth, or you don’t, or you are somewhere in the middle trying to find the painless way on how to integrate Mindfulness into your daily Life.

You might ask why sometimes it is so difficult for certain people to make those Mindful decisions. The answer is simple - habits. Change requires effort. It requires to think, to make a decision, and act accordingly. It requires an effort to sort the waste at home, it requires an effort to walk 1000 meters to the grocery shop instead of driving the car. It definitely requires some effort to refuse that single use plastic offered in the shop.

The power of yoga is that even the biggest skeptic, who has never cared about the Environment and the World around, is capable of transforming into a Mindful Yogi

Have you met anyone who has said to you “Oh, Yoga has changed me!”? Most likely yes, or maybe you are one of them.

Yoga teacher in the nature greeting the Earth on yoga mat

Yoga is a science. What is happening with us when we practice yoga is more than just toning of the body and gaining flexibility. With yoga, we remove blockages and restore the energy flow through our body. Through Yoga poses we align ourselves with the Universe and learn to accept the ultimate truth that we are just the visitors on this planet Earth. Our visit here is….limited.  From that moment we begin to appreciate ourselves, those around us, and the Creation. With the help of yoga and meditation every yoga practitioner slowly moves from the first category (non-caring human being) towards the third category (caring and taking responsibility towards the Environment).

Sooner or later we all begin to understand that the planet Earth is our Home. A home of One-World-Family

As soon as this realization comes, our choices become wiser, our lifestyle becomes more Mindful, and we wish that other people would experience this “awakening” as well.

One of those "awakenings" among yogis usually is a realisation that the yoga mat, the foundation of our yoga practice, can contribute either towards the well-being or towards the pollution of this Planet. No matter how tempting the price tag of a cheap PVC yoga mat might look like, please know that super light, puffy, soft, and colorful PVC yoga mats will not do any good neither for the Environment, nor for you.

If anytime soon you feel you need to buy a new yoga mat, we strongly suggest you take your time to learn what type of yoga mats there are in the market (size, thickness, material (cork yoga mats, natural rubber yoga mats, PU and Microfiber yoga mats)) and which one suits your yoga practice the best. It is very important that you learn about the values of the yoga brand you wish to buy your yoga mat from, because at the end, your new mat will reflect your view towards the Environment as well. You may want to be associated with a Mindful and an eco-friendly lifestyle living yogi.

Don't hesitate to invest in a high quality yoga mat: it will benefit you, your practice, and the Environment 

and always remember that

a healthy yoga practice starts with a healthy yoga mat~

Mindful yogis in the video:

Yoga teacher Joa,  Yoga teacher Inna, Yoga teacher Alex, Yogini and Life coach Gabie, Yogini Carolina, Yogini Evelina and Yogi cat Toffee.

 Pictures credit: Yoga teacher and Photographer - Inna
Gita Mike

Gita Mike

Gita Mike is a long time meditator and yoga practitioner who believes there is a spiritual solution to any challenge that we are faced with. She wants to share her experience and knowledge to help others find their path towards mindfulness, peace, and fulfillment.