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The beauty of change or Never say never

What an incredible phenomenon change is. It's the most beautiful, subtle, and quiet art form. Just when you think that something is permanent and stable, it shifts.

The weather changes, seasons change, you change.

If you look back two years, three, or five, you would probably think to yourself: 'wow, how much things have changed.' Whether it's your appearance, goals, wants, thoughts, relationships, or physical environment - you are not in the same place as you used to be.

We don't often see these significant changes take place until, well, things have changed! They have a way of sneaking up on us gradually. A new, small, thought here, an almost insignificant decision there, and BAM, five years later, we've done a full 180.

The unexpected turning points

The thing about change is that you never know when or where it's going to happen.

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You know how they say that love will find you when you least expect it? Well, change will happen when you least expect it, too.

You could be walking down the street one morning when you suddenly bump into an old friend. She tells you about this new job opportunity at her workplace, you get curious, you apply. Five years later, you're traveling the world having the most incredible job and life.

You could be sitting on the couch watching tv when a friend sends you a podcast to listen to and says, 'I think you will like this!' 45 minutes later, your whole life-view has changed. You've had a realization, a breakthrough, a drastic change in perspective.

The beauty of change is that it happens in the most unexpected moments.

You truly never know what's waiting for you around the corner: a great business idea, your future partner, or a new way of thinking.

Never say never

When I moved to New York City a month after turning 18, I told myself (and everyone around me) that I will never come back to Europe. The United States, and especially New York City, was where I belonged. I was going to build a life here.

Well, the joke was on me.

Four years later, I packed up my bags and moved to the Netherlands. I realized New York City was not what I wanted, and Europe was where I wanted to be.

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I believe that change and 'never say never' go hand in hand. You might say you never want to have kids, but ten years later, you find yourself having the most beautiful family and can't imagine it being any other way. You might say that you could never do X or move to Y, and a few years later, you find yourself in precisely that spot: and you love it.

When we say 'I could never do this/like this,' we're saying it from your current state of being, but as you and I already know, our state of being constantly changes.

Our beliefs change, our values change, and our goals change. Therefore, never say never! We have no idea the changes that the future might bring about, and before we know it, we could be doing the thing that we said we could never do. 

Change takes time

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All change takes time: if we want to lose weight and get fit, we need time to make such transformations happen. If we're going to create financial freedom and begin to save or invest, we will also need time to see such changes take effect.

The point is: change takes time, and we need to be patient. Anything that's worthwhile will require time to happen. Be patient.

Small, daily things build up over time and thus become big things. A short 20-minute yoga session might not seem like a big deal if you've done it for a week, but if you commit to doing such practice daily for five years, you bet that your strength, flexibility, and health is going to be completely different! Time can be your best friend if you treat it well and consciously focus on what you would like to create.

Be open to surprises

Some changes we can plan (like getting fit or working on our financial freedom), but other changes happen as part of the natural flow of life. Thus, be open to surprises! Each day can bring about changes that are unexpected and possibly even life-changing. Be open to these surprises, and welcome them with open arms.

Life coach and Founder of "As you think"
Gita Mike

Gita Mike

Gita Mike is a long time meditator and yoga practitioner who believes there is a spiritual solution to any challenge that we are faced with. She wants to share her experience and knowledge to help others find their path towards mindfulness, peace, and fulfillment.