Founder of ZENAGOY Yoga Brand: I am on a fantastic journey!

Zenagoy yoga brand founder in Ibiza looking at the sea with yoga mat

If we are here to write about interesting people, then the founder of Zenagoy yoga brand is for sure the one to make an official opening of the series "Humans of Zenagoy". From the first sight Ben does not seem to be any different from all of us, however if you spend more time with him, you get to know that inside this person resides an extraordinary soul. 

If you had a chat with Ben last year, and asked him

"What are you grateful for in this Life?"

his answer would have been "I have never thought about it". If you would have asked him "Is there anything you would like to improve about yourself?" his answer would have been "I am happy the way I am, is that wrong?". However now, after regularly practicing yoga and meditation on his favorite Zenagoy eco-friendly yoga mats, he would gladly share with you a long list of things he is grateful for in this Life and even tell you how much he is enjoying this journey of self discovery.

Q: How did yoga and meditation practice enter your Life?

"The best things in this Life happen when we expect them the least or we don't expect them at all"- Founder of Zenagoy  


Zenagoy yoga brand founder with his girlfriend in Thailand
A: Nothing even close to the spiritual practices, like yoga and meditation, was crossing my mind until the moment I was invited to attend a meditation session at my neighbor's place. I accepted the invitation not because I was interested in the meditation, but because I was interested in my neighbor (smiling). After the guided meditation she started talking about the well-being of this World. Myself, who has never been bothered about it, found this topic challenging. I never took time to sit and think about this World and here it was -  my neighbor, whom I liked, sitting in front of me and telling how important it is to give back to this World. After that guided meditation session I knew that I don't want to let her go! Being far from living a Yogic Lifestyle I was thinking how to impress her so I bought her a surprise trip. It was her Birthday present from me and she did not know where we would be going until we arrived to the airport to check-in. We went to Thailand. During our holidays I experienced yoga for the first time. I remember I had a hard time doing yoga asanas, and she had a lot of fun laughing at me! During that trip I realised that by wanting to have her in my Life I will have to enter a completely different World. I did not look for the spirituality in my Life, but it turns out I got both (laughing). I guess you could call it the start of my spiritual journey and Yogic Lifestyle.

Q: Was the entering into the different World smooth?

A: I think I am still entering this Spiritual world, if you can say like this. My journey just started. Jurgita is good at what she does! She talks to me about spirituality and spiritual journey as if it is something very natural for each of us. She stimulates my curiosity and at the same time she gives me the space and time to open up for new experiences. Before we met, I had my lifestyle, I had my habits, I clearly knew where my comfort zone ends and now I am invited to expand my view about Life! I am literally taking baby steps, but I can feel my Life changing. 

Q: What is changing in your Life now?

Since I started practicing yoga and meditation, I learned about myself things I did not know

A: It is a part of self-discovery and I feel I am discovering the "real me". Only now when my self awareness increased, I realize how little I knew about myself. For example, I always thought about myself being calm, but what I learned was that I kept myself away from having too many feelings and emotions. Only now that I started experiencing the inner freedom, I understand how closed I was.

I feel that meditation techniques help me to forgo some of my bad habits and on the same time create the space for good habits to expand

Q: Which part is the most challenging for you?

A: I lived in my perfect comfort zone which I see now, was very small. Getting out of my comfort zone was challenging, but entering new horizons is also a challenge! Jurgita said that she is not going to jump into my comfort zone, because it is too small for two (laughing), and if I want to be in her Life I have to leave my comfort zone and jump into a deep waters where she dives, because it is more beautiful there! So I am entering the World of Yoga and Meditation, that I don't know much about yet. I feel I have to learn a lot! 

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Q: Are you enjoying your learning process?

A: I guess I have no choice (laughing)

If I am honest, then I should admit that in the beginning I was skeptical about the spiritual practices. I even tried to resist, but now that I slowly started practicing meditation myself I can only share that Yogic Lifestyle is not that scary. On the contrary, Life becomes more fulfilling. I was always a happy person, but now my happiness is getting a different meaning: I feel it more inside than searching for it outside. I feel happier when I share, I feel I am becoming a better listener. I think this new experience is helping me to learn more about myself, about who I truly am instead of transforming me into something that I am not. You know what I mean?   

Q: Are you saying that the idea that yoga and meditation is turning us into something "better" is a misconception?

A: Something like this, yes.

Yoga and meditation helped me to become aware of my bad habits and patterns that I developed throughout my Life

Now I am discovering who I truly am. I feel those unhealthy patterns cracking when I do yoga and I feel I am letting them go during my meditation. That's how I feel, but I guess for everyone this experience is very personal.

Q: You have very beautiful philosophy behind ZENAGOY yoga brand. Could you share?

A:  The vision of ZENAGOY yoga brand started developing already during our trip to Thailand. We went to a yoga class and there Jurgita immediately spotted that all yoga mats were PVC yoga mats. Out of curiosity we did our research and discovered that even though PVC yoga mats might have desired grip, they are extremely unhealthy, polluting the environment, do not last long and attractive to the buyer because of the low price. That's where the idea of yoga brand started taking the shape. The name, the logo and mission followed easily because we clearly new what we would like to share with this World: asking every yogi, yoga teacher and yoga studio to live by the statement that

A healthy yoga practice and Yogic Lifestyle can start only on a healthy yoga mat

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We are encouraging everyone just to GO (logo) for the Mindful choices, because they are good for you, for the community and the Planet. Choosing Yoga as a Lifestyle could be scary at the beginning, but knowing that you are not alone can be comforting. That's why we created our slogan

ZENAGOY - with you through your journey

My journey is more joyful because I have my partner with me on this Yogic path and I have many eco-friendly, Earth loving yoga mats. I had to test them all together with yoga teachers (laughing).

With Zenagoy story we also want to share with people that even the biggest sceptic, like me for example, can open up to Yoga and Meditation. I would like to encourage everyone, who is still in doubt about yogic lifestyle, to make that first baby step towards spiritual journey.

As soon as you step on your Yoga mat, the benefits of yoga and meditation will start revealing themselves outside your mat  

 Founder of ZENAGOY is practicing yoga on PUrfect Grey and GO Spirit Empire blue yoga mats.