A yoga mat which supports your Mindful, Yogic Lifestyle

Tested and vouched by yoga teachers, loved by yogis all around the world, MiFlow is the first microfiber alignment yoga mat which was designed to keep you safe and in harmony with your yoga practice, while honoring the Planet Earth.

MiFlow Yoga Mat Natural Rubber with Microfiber Towel Top

light blue
ocean blue
dark blue
icon informing yogis that on zenagoy online shop you can buy eco-friendly products
Icon represents that zenagoy microfiber alignment yoga mat has natural rubber base
Green icon on online shop informs yogis that microfiber yoga mat has good grip when hands are wet
Green round icon with a drawing of a yoga mat insides indicates the measurements of alignment yoga mat 180cm x 66cm
Icon informs online buyers that zenagoy microfiber alignment yoga mat is 3.5mm thick
Icon represents that weight of zenagoy Miflow yoga mat which is 2.3kg

The sweatier your hands, The better the grip

Made from the highest quality natural rubber and recycled plastic microfiber, MiFlow yoga mats can be used for the intensive yoga styles like Hot yoga, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Bikram. Your flow on ZENAGOY MiFLow yoga mat will be extremely safe, because our mats do not contain any silicone, PVC toxic glues, heavy metals or phthalates. Microfiber top layer, also known as a towel top, provides extra absorbency during the perspiration process and will give you an extra grip with every drop of sweat.

Yoga student is practicing on Zenagoy dark blue microfiber alignment yoga mat in white yoga studio

The First Microfiber Alignment yoga mat

Yogis, who practice on MiFLow yoga mats share, that during the yoga practice the line helps to keep the Mind in the present moment. The infinity sign in the circle (ZENAGOY logo) will remind you that a Yogic journey is a never-ending learning cycle meant to open our hearts and connect us with the Source.

Yogini in a yoga pose on Zenagoy microfiber alignment yoga mat in a white yoga studio
Power yoga teacher in crow yoga pose on Zenagoy alignment yoga mat in white yoga studio

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