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Meditation Pillows

Why correct sitting posture matters?

Back strain, lower back pain, headaches or stiff shoulders are only a few examples of what a bad sitting posture might create in the body. If our posture is not optimal, our muscles work harder to keep our back straight.

In fact, the pain that we feel in our bodies after sitting incorrectly is a message to us that our muscles are overworking to protect the spine.

A poor sitting posture not only misaligns the spine, but also has an impact on our energy levels as well as our emotional state. 

The wrong sitting posture blocks the energy flow through the body, creating blockages that may present themselves as anger, mood swings, negative thoughts and physical pain.

Instead of booking your next appointment for a massage, to release the tension in the body - get yourself a proper floor cushion, which would take care of your Body, Mind and Spine. 

Let’s say we want to sit in a good posture at all times, but how do we overcome the fact that we sit in poor postures unconsciously and there is on one around to say: “straighten up, don’t slouch”? A good friend in this situation would come in handy, correct?

Well, we have some excellent news for you, amigo! The omigo meditation pillow / floor cushion is the perfect friend for you if you wish to sit in a healthy posture. Whether it’s in a meditation practice, workshop, watching TV or simply offering a seat to your friend who came over and you are short of chairs, omigo will make everyone happy who will sit in its lap.

Benefits of omigo floor cushion / meditation pillow

Shape: Did you know that when we are sitting low, our hips should always remain above our knees? The shape of the pillow (reminding of the slope) will help you raise your hips, always keeping your knees lower to ensure the proper blood flow to your legs. 

Correct sitting posture: The shape of the pillow will naturally align your spine into a correct posture and allow your lower back to relieve the tension. In case you were used to not healthy sitting please note that the sitting might feel unnatural for you at the beginning, so we advise to listen to your body and adjust the sitting posture little by little over some period of time until your body feels comfortable.

Muscle pain relief: As soon as your body sits in a correct posture, the muscles which were previously tight will relax and the back pain will fade away whilst you are sitting. Give your muscles some time to develop a new habit of sitting.

The pillow which is good for you and for the Planet

Floor cushion

Top: the top part of the pillow is made from hemp fabric, which is one of the strongest and most durable of all natural textile fibers.

Bottom: the lower part of the pillow is made from a paper leather, which is a natural, ecological product and does not dissolve in the water.

Filling: buckwheat hulls do not collapse easily under the weight, which allows the pillow to maintain the shape and control the temperature (air circulates easily, hulls don’t stick together and pillow does not flatten). It is also possible to adjust the pillow for your own comfort by removing/adding more buckwheat hulls (zip is hidden behind the handle in order to not interfere with the design).

Vegan friendly: omigo meditation pillows/ floor cushions were created by keeping you and The Environment in mind. All our pillows are 100% hand-made in Europe, Environmentally, Human and Vegan friendly.