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Yoga Mats

Selecting the best yoga mat for your yoga practice

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced yogi, at ZENAGOY we have the right yoga mat for you. Our yoga mats are suitable for any style of yoga, whether that would be a challenging Ashtanga, sweaty Bikram, Hot yoga, flowing Vinyasa, or relaxing yin and restorative yoga. Our yoga mats were developed in collaboration with experienced yoga teachers to guarantee that we offer you the right yoga mat for your practice.

When making a change, the best is to start at the foundation

Many years back yogis practiced yoga everywhere - on the river banks, on the hills, rocks. They did not require the yoga mat because their Yogic Lifestyle was different from how we live now. Nowadays, regardless of yoga style that we practice, we wish to have the best yoga mat for ourselves. 

What about a Yoga mat, which would be people, environment and Yoga Lifestyle friendly? Yes! This is the message we would like to bring to the World - to yogis, yoga studios, yoga beginners - that contributing to the Well-being of this world can start with the foundation of your yoga practice - a healthy yoga mat.

We encourage you to choose a yoga mat, which reflects your Mindful Lifestyle and love to the Environment

Natural rubber yoga mats - the healthiest choice for you and the Planet!

Yoga mats made from natural rubber do not contain any synthetic and toxic materials. By nature, natural rubber is environmentally and people friendly. When producing natural rubber yoga mats, there is no need to add any heavy metals to make them durable and grippy (which is required for PVC yoga mats), because these properties are already present in the natural product. It is also important to mention that differently from the plastic yoga mats, natural rubber yoga mats are fully biodegradable.

The lifetime of the natural rubber yoga mat greatly depends on the style of yoga you practice, the intensity and care. In order to prolong the lifetime of your eco-friendly yoga mat, we strongly advice to store it dry and away from the direct sunlight. The exposure of your Healthy yoga mat to the sun can damage the properties of the natural rubber (for example, grip) as well as shape (it can wrinkle).

The best yoga mats for an intensive and hot yoga practices

ZENAGOY MiFlow Yoga mats have all required characteristics to support your “sweaty” yoga practice. The best yoga mats we offer for Ashtanga, Bikram, Hot yoga are completely different from the regular yoga mats, because they were designed to perform the best when the heat and the moisture is present. MiFlow eco-friendly yoga mats have natural rubber base and absorbent microfiber towel surface. As soon as the mat comes in a contact with your hands and feet, you will notice that the grip is increasing with every drop of sweat. No more slipping, no more worries – practice with the confidence on the best non slip yoga mat towel.

Middle alignment line

While there are yoga mats with the alignment line on the yoga mats offered to yogis, by request of the experienced yoga teachers, ZENAGOY is bringing the first Microfiber alignment yoga mat for the intensive and hot yoga practices. The alignment is a a way to keep the body steady and strong in a particular posture. It also keeps the yogi fully aware of themselves during the practice.


Yin and Restorative yoga


It is interesting to notice that Mandala yoga mats are also loved by Yogis who practice Yin, Yin Yang and Restorative yoga styles. Yogis share, that Mandala pattern allows them to calm the Mind down and the experience of being in the yoga poses is more pleasant due to soft surface (microfiber top) of the yoga mat.


PUrfect yoga mats

The name of the PUrfect yoga mat collection consist of two words: "PU" and "perfect". PU stands for polyurethane, also known as a "vegan leather", which indicates to the buyer that the top layer of the yoga mat is made from a non slip, moisture resilient material. The adjective "perfect" indicates that the yoga mats from this collection have all desirable qualities, by making this yoga mat the best non slip yoga mat for all yoga styles. The PUrfect yoga mats perfectly balance the right amount of cushioning to protects your wrists and knees, with a good-grip surface to ensure a stable and solid practice. Gentle laser engraving gives a velvet-like feel, which is very pleasant for the hands and feet. With this collection we wanted to show to yogis - beginners and advanced - that the perfect yoga mat exists.