PUrfect Alignment Yoga Mat Natural Rubber with PU Top Black

  • PUrfect yoga mat is the perfect mat for all Mindful and Earth loving yogis Beyond colour that matches the personal sense of style, an environmentally friendly yoga mat is a necessary choice nowadays! Environmentally friendly yoga gear will not only last longer but it is healthier to use and contributes to the well being of this Planet. Vouched by yogis for the perfect grip and praised for an excellent performance.
  • Dimension 180cm long, 66cm wide and 4mm thick.
    Weight 2,6kg
    Materials Natural rubber base and PU top.
    Care The yoga mat can be cleaned with a damp cloth or with a suitable yoga mat spray for pu tops.

An eco-friendly yoga mat should be an integral part of any yoga gear

Natural rubber base of PUrfect yoga mat allows the mat to stick well on the floor by giving the confidence to a yogi to perform difficult asanas (for example jumps, handstands) during yoga practice. PU top layer offers to the yogi the excellent grip from the first step along with the pleasant feel and simple design. The middle line will act as a compass, by guiding the body and the mind to move in alignment.

Close up picture of a yogi doing asana on green Zenagoy ecofriendly yoga mat with PU top and alignment line

Use and Care

Use: the top layer of PUrfect yoga mats have a soft laser engraving, which provides a velvet-like feel. Before your first practice, it is advised to clean the top with a lightly wet cloth to remove (possible) laser dusts.

Care: after an intensive yoga practice, hang your mat to dry or clean it with the a paper towel/cloth. Oily hands (if hand cream was used) can leave some stains, which can easily be removed with a wet cloth. Do not use any chemicals to clean your mat as it can damage the grippiness of the surface.

Purple PU top yoga mat, half rolled for the text about care and use of PU alignment yoga mats
London Power yoga teacher is doing side plank on Zenagoy black yoga mat with alignment line

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