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PUrfect Yoga Mat Natural Rubber with PU Top

  • A perfect yoga mat should be an integral part of any yoga gear, but how does one choose the best yoga mat? Beyond color that matches the personal sense of style, a yoga mat should to be made from high quality materials and it should not be slippery, to keep yogi stable and safe while doing any yoga pose. An environmentally friendly yoga mat is also a necessary choice nowadays, because eco-friendly yoga gear will last longer, is safe/healthier to use and contributes to the well being of this Planet. ZENAGOY PUrfect yoga mats are made only from high quality materials. Natural rubber base allows the mat to stick well on the floor by giving the confidence to a yogi to perform difficult asanas (for example jumps, handstands). The perfect thickness of the mat will support the joints of a yogi throughout all yoga practices. PU top layer offers to the yogi the excellent grip from the first step along with the pleasant feel and simple design. The middle line will act as a compass, by guiding the body and the mind to move in alignment; and the Infinity sign (our logo) in the middle will remind the yogi that Spiritual journey is a never ending process. ZENAGOY is glad to be supporting you through your journey and we encourage you to GO for it whenever you feel like giving up.

    ZENAGOY PUrfect yoga mat is the perfect yoga mat for all Mindful, Earth loving and yogic lifestyle living yogis

  • Made from 100% natural rubber with PU top / eco-friendly, no silicone, PVC toxic glues or phthalates / contains natural rubber latex / 70” x 26” x 5/32” (180cm x 66cm x 4mm) / 5.7 lb – 2.6 kg
  • Especially after the sweaty yoga practice, we suggest to clean the top layer of the yoga mat with a wet cloth. Do not use any chemical substances to clean the mat as it can negatively affect the grip. Please do not leave your PUrfect yoga mat in the direct sunlight. Direct sunlight might deform the shape of the mat. PUrfect yoga mat is not washing machine friendly. NAME: were you wondering what does the name “PUrfect” mean? To describe this yoga mat we combined the word “perfect” with the specifications of this mat (non-slippery PU top layer) and gave the name to the yoga mat – PUrfect- because we are confident that this is the perfect yoga mat for you!

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