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yogi holding multiple yoga mats
yogi holding several suede yoga mats

If yoga and meditation are both paths to inward mindfulness and harmony, doesn’t it follow that this mindfulness and harmony should also expand outward? We believe so. We also believe environmental responsibility is part of this outward expansion.

Our mission at ZENAGOY is to open the yogi-meditative heart to environmental stewardship. We aim to achieve this by expanding awareness of different toxic materials that can be found in yoga /meditation props and by providing environmentally-and-people-friendly alternatives  that support the yogi on his or her meditative journey. Together, we can help heal the Planet while healing ourselves. Together, we can make the world a better place.

The Meaning Behind our Logo

The words “zen” and “yoga” spelled backwards, our brand is meant to encompass a balance between the Inner and Outer aspects of our Lives & to illustrate how effective a path of yoga can be toward the Inner world of “zen.” 

The GO

As soon as we commit to living Yoga as a Lifestyle, the journey of continues learning begins. The GO represents the infinity sign: a never ending process of growth and exploration.

ZENAGOY yoga brand logo