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Only when we teach our younger generation how to have inner peace will they know how to contribute to the peace in the world.

Only when we teach our younger generation the beauty of their inner world will they understand the importance of preserving the world around them!

With our charity work, we would like to provide kids, teenagers, and students the opportunity to learn spiritual practices at a young age and have the space to practice them in the environment where they spend so much of their time – educational establishments. We encourage schools, universities, and colleges to be open to spiritual practices and bring them under their roof. ZENAGOY will be happy to contribute financially in turning this big vision into a reality.

ZENAGOY is willing to donate 10% of its profit to the charity work that we are most passionate about: Yoga and Meditation.



ZENAGOY will be happy to provide financial support to the teachers (working with the children ages 2-12 y.o.) who are interested in following Kids Yoga workshops/training and bringing yoga practice to kindergartens and/or to primary schools. Teachers should be trained in how to bring mindfulness and relaxation to their classes through yoga practices. The benefits of having certified teachers in kindergartens and schools will be felt immediately: young people will be more relaxed and joyful, making better choices, taking responsibility for their actions, connecting with other kids more easily, growing healthier, and shining their happiness from the inside out.



As kids grow older, their appreciation for yoga and meditation will grow with them: they will be able to understand their feelings, control their emotions, and to slow down in this fast-paced world. In order to support young people who are already practicing meditation and to welcome the new ones who are interested in learning about it, ZENAGOY will contribute financially to projects aimed at creating silence rooms in primary and secondary schools (if space allows), universities, colleges, institutes all around the world. Children (from the ages of 12), teenagers, and students can practice mindfulness and meditation on their own. Once these skills are learned and practiced regularly, they will be better able to deal with tension, succeed academically, and maintain their mental health.

yoga childeren practicing yoga and meditation on yoga mat

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