MiFlow and GO Spirit yoga mat has a microfiber top, which can be a little slippery when dry. You can improve the grip by lightly spraying the surface of the mat with water prior to your practice. 

Even though our microfiber yoga mats are washing-machine friendly (using cold cycle), in order to prolong the lifetime of the mat we recommend hand-washing them with a wet cloth and a mild soap. Using detergent might have a negative effect on the color of the mat.

After the yoga practice, depending on how intensive it was, either leave your mat on the floor to dry or hang it in a place where it could ventilate. 

After washing the MiFlow and GO Spirit yoga mat, we recommend to squeeze it and then hang to dry avoiding any direct sunlight as it might impact the quality of the rubber and the colors of the mat. 

It all depends on the intensity of your practice and how often you practice. We recommend cleaning the mat after 1-3 practices if you sweat a lot. After each practice just hang your mat to dry (Avoiding direct sunlight).

Just like all yoga mats, the mat should be rolled unless you have enough space at home to keep it on the floor. 

If rolled, the microfiber "towel" or PU top should be kept on the exterior. We strongly suggest avoid storing your natural rubber yoga mats in direct sunlight as this might impact the rubber and colors of the mat.

If, according to you, the mat shows some defects which could be a result of bad production at the factory (like color issues, for example), please contact us through our contact form.

We would advise not to use the mat and keep the packaging with you in case the mat has to be exchanged.

Yes, they are! With our slogan a Healthy yoga practice starts with a healthy yoga mat we would like to raise awareness that by choosing an environmentally friendly yoga mat, a yoga lover not only benefits him/herself but also contributes to the well-being of this planet. 

No worries! Please send us your question via our contact form. We will be happy to assist!


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