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MiFlow Alignment Yoga Mat Natural Rubber with Microfiber Towel Top Lilah

  • BETTER POSE CONTROL: No more slipping, twisting towels in hot yoga - grip actually improves when wet!
  • DOUBLE-LAYERED DESIGN: Our MiFlow yoga mat is made with a natural tree rubber core and recycled microfiber upper for a superior yoga experience.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Simply machine wash and air dry to keep fresh and hygienic between intense yoga sessions.
  • VIBRANT GRAPHICS: A lush variety of graphic designs are available, with colors and patterns to match any yogi’s aesthetics and style.
  • BEAUTIFUL MANDALA PRINTS: Mandala designs in different colors matching your style and mood.
  • FIRST ALIGNMENT MICROFIBER MAT: Specially designed to guide you through your yoga session for perfect balance.

About MiFlow Yoga Mats

Your yoga mat can either be a tool to keep you focused and present or end up as a distraction that disrupts your flow. MiFlow Yoga Mat was designed with the needs of hot yoga practitioners in mind, eliminating the stressful experience of layering a towel over traditional yoga mats. No bunching, no slipping, no sliding - just the right amount of firm cushioning beneath the soles of your feet so you can stay in the moment. 

The dual-layered design of our mat is made specifically for hot yoga practitioners and those that experience a lot of sweating during their sessions. Where traditional foam yoga mats become slippery and unusable when damp, ours offers a comfortable grip that gives you stability and structure as your body moves. Whether you’re a beginner or practically live for your next pose, we’re ready to be the foundation you need to achieve your zen.

Features MiFlow Yoga Mats

Made of Natural tree rubber and recycled plastic microfiber

MiFlow Mandala

Weighs 2.0kg / 4.4 lbs / Measures 183cm L x 61cm W x 3.5mm T / 72” L x 24” W x 0.14” T / Includes carrying / travel strap.

MiFlow Alignment

Weighs 2.4kg / 4.4 lbs / Measures 183cm L x 66cm W x 3.5mm T / 72” L x 26” W x 0.14” T / Includes carrying / travel strap.

For your perfect yoga flow

Yoga mats from MiFlow collection are suitable both for intensive and relaxing yoga styles.

If you are looking for the perfect grip during the sweaty yoga practice, then this mat is for you. MiFlow yoga mats love heat and moisture. Roll out this yoga mat during your Hot, Bikram, or Ashtanga classes and experience the grip getting stronger and stronger with every drop of sweat.

Miflow collection yoga mats are also loved by yogis who practice Yin, Restorative and Kundalini Yoga. Soft surface provides a pleasant feeling, which is very comforting during laying poses (asanas).

Two yoga teachers on Mandala yoga mats

Use and Care

The lifespan of your yoga mat can be prolonged with proper care.

It is important to keep the yoga mat clean, and the frequency of washing it depends on the intensity of your yoga practice.

MiFlow yoga mats are washing machine friendly. When it is time to clean Mandala or Alignment yoga mat, put it in the washing machine, select a gentle (cold water, no detergent) cycle, and when it is ready, hang the mat to dry. Do not place mat in the dryer.

It is advised to store yoga mat away from the direct sunlight.

Colorful mandala yoga mat is in the washing machine ready to be washed

Enjoy The MiFlow Yoga Experience

Push your boundaries, turn up the heat, try challenging poses, or just relax into your favorite flow.

The MiFlow Yoga Mat will support you no matter how you do yoga. From the moment you unroll the perfectly-thick rubber cushioning and step onto the vibrant colors, you’ll know your zen is only moments away.

UK yoga teachers on alignment yoga mats

Customer Reviews

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