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omigo meditation pillow black with turquoise top


CORRECT SITTING POSITION: omigo has a new shape that will naturally adjust your body in the correct sitting position by keep your hips higher than your knees.

S-SHAPE SPINE: When sitting on omigo meditation pillow / floor cushion, your spine assumes the natural S-shape - which is known as a healthy shape!

MULTI PURPOSE: omigo can be used as a meditation pillow or as a floor cushion; either way it will look beautiful in your interior and serve the purpose of resting your Spine.

HANDMADE: each meditation pillow is meticulously designed and carefully handcrafted in Europe.

VEGAN FRIENDLY: vegan paper leather base, hemp top and buckwheat hulls filling - omigo is not only vegan, but also friendly to the environment.


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40 cm

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4.6 lbs

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To clean the pillow you can use a wet cloth and lightly rub it over the top and the base of the pillow. After a while the buckwheat can become more compact, in this case you can open the zipper and increase the volume of buckwheat inside the pillow.

Nothing you have seen (and tried) before

Designed to provide the support for the lower back and prolong seating experience, omigo meditation pillows soon became popular as floor cushions.  

Whether you are getting ready for your meditation session or welcoming friends at your space - with omigo pillow by your side, you will always align your spine while living your beautiful Life.

yogi sitting on meditation pillow


Whether you are looking for the comfortable and practical meditation pillow, or for stylish and colorful floor cushion - new shape omigo will align your body and spine while you live your daily life!  

This new shape meditation pillow / floor cushion will look beautiful in your home and also serve as a sanctuary where you can rest both; your mind and your spine!

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What does a correct posture look like?

Our spine consist of 33 small bones called vertebrae. When we look at our body from the side, our spine should have 3 curves; one at our neck, one at our shoulders, and one at the lower part of our back. This is called an “S-shape” posture. This shape should be kept at all times - while we are sitting (especially!), standing and walking. These 3 curves help us keep the back upright and absorb some of the body stress.

Infographics explaining correct sitting posture

Friendly for you and for the environment

All omigo meditation pillows / floor cushions are hand made in Europe from biodegradable materials.

Hemp top: Hemp is recognised as one of the strongest and least harmful to the Environment natural textile fibers.  

Vegan leather base: practical, durable, water resistant and less damaging to the planet. Vegan omigo pillow supports the welfare of all living beings on this planet.

Buckwheat hulls (filling) don't break easily, thus the pillow will keep the perfect shape. 

Carrying handle will make it easier for you to carry your omigo wherever you go!

yogi holding meditation pillow omigo

Customer Reviews

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OMigo Meditation pillow flour cushion

Love it! The pillow is perfect for a long meditation Session

Get this--will become a key part of your practice!

One of the best meditation pillows I have ever used. Great back support and the filling doesn't activate my allergies at all! Would highly reccomend.

Yogi´s best friend

I´m really happy with my Omigo pillow! It became part of my daily practice - not only meditation but also warm ups and pranayama became more enjoyable. I particularly appreciate that the shape allows me to sit as high as I want depending how flexible my hips feel that day. The design is just great! Thank you, Zenagoy ❤.

Wonderful meditation pillow

I am in love with this pillow! It motivates me to meditate everyday. Sitting on it has become a ritual, making it easy for me to get into a calm, relaxing state. It’s very comfortable and the design is very nice and clean. It’s perfect. It looks so pretty that I’ve decided to keep it out at all time. As a result I meditate more often! Thank you for creating such a thoughtful and useful product.

Beautiful and comfortable

I am glad that I bought this pillow! I always had problems with my lower back and now after using meditation pillow regularly for 3 weeks I feel how effortlessly I sit in my meditation. My back is glad! Me as well!