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OMigo Meditation Pillow Floor Cushion with Buckwheat Filling

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Rest your Mind and Spine with new shape ZENAGOY OMigo pillow!

Reminding of a slope (due to the incline) and having a prolonged tip that looks like a triangle, the OMigo pillow is designed to support the lower part of your back by making you naturally sit in a healthy sitting posture.

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As soon as you sit on our ZENAGOY pillow/cushion, you will feel how your body naturally wishes to move forward (due to incline), but the upper part of the body wants to lean back (to keep you from falling) by naturally making an S-shape. This is the correct siting posture in which we allow our spine to rest by engaging - instead of putting pressure on - our muscles.

Natural linen top, water resistant paper leather base, buckwheat hulls filling - this Earth friendly meditation pillow / floor cushion is a perfect choice for everyone who shops with the conscious mind.

Stylish floor cushion with back support linen top and zip

Comfortable to sit and too stylish to resist. Zenagoy OMigo deserves the most visible place at home!

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